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Palace Torrione Tableware Set by Seletti




Product Description

Stack of porcelain dinnerware styled to the famous italian building. Torrione is a set of 6 bowls and 1 top container. A visionary concept by auteur souvenir, palace is a modular table set, both stackable and compact. It contains a complete service of tableware for six person showing palaces and renaissance architecture.

Seletti's logic is dual purpose and irony. The use of the plates becomes a decorative element and no longer are they just items to be hidden away. Made from fine dolomite porcelain with high temperature resistant decorations. 

Ever since it was established in 1964 by Romano and Maria Seletti, the company has pursued a mission by making the most of professionalism, service and above all ceaseless product research. Under the leadership of the second Seletti generation, Stefano and Miria (brother and sister), the company focuses further on "tout-court" design projects and on the creativity of Italian excellence.

The Seletti products are enriched with style, quality and recognisability, created by important international designers. The personality of the brand is synonymous today with value, movement, provocation, innovation, original matching; it is art blended with icons of daily life, objects that send the end user a message of shape, function and the possibility to create a unique, personal, fun life style. Today Seletti aims at a new poetry of production and daily life, an on-going journey within the idea of beauty. 

Brand: Seletti

Designer: Alessandro Zambelli

Material: Fine Dolomite Porcelain with High Temperature Resistant Decorations

Dimensions: 4.3" x 4.3" x 15.4"

Product No: 10590

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