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  • Otto Memory Foam Bed with Heat Relief Padding (S) -3
  • Otto Memory Foam Bed with Heat Relief Padding (S) -2

Otto Memory Foam Bed with Cooling Padding (S) by Teafco (More Colors)




Product Description


  • Use Indoor or Outdoor
  • Finest Memory Foam padding
  • 100% Pet Safe material
  • HeatShift pad to draw heat away
  • Organic salt crystals.
  • No electricity required

The Otto Pet Beds are the newest innovation coolness comfort for your pet. When your pet lies down on the HeatShift pad, the HeatShift pad starts transferring heat from your dog's body into the natural salt crystals imbedded in the memory foam pad. 

How it works is simple -- while your pet is lying on the HeatShift Pad, the crystals slowly change from a solid to a gel-like state, continuing to draw heat away from your pet. These organic salt crystals are 100% pet safe. Once your pet leaves the bed, the HeatShift pad automatically changes back to a solid state-ready for next use. 

The Otto Pet Bed is the most advanced and natural pet bed cooling technology in the pet industry. Not only does it dissipate heat faster than alternative products, it uses no power, wire or refrigeration. The Otto Pet Bed is 100% pet safe because organic salt crystals are not toxic to your pet. The Otto Pet Bed is great for your growing dogs, dogs that suffer from hip dysplasia, canine arthritis, and joint issues. This bed will make resting a little easier. Can be used indoor or outdoors.

PLEASE don't forget to measure your pet to make sure he/she will fit in the bed comfortably.

Size: Small

Color: Green, Latte

Dimensions:  L 24" x  W17" x  H 3"

Note regarding returns: For this brand there is a 25% restocking fee. 

Made in USA



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