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Lighthouse Lamp Shade by Innermost




Product Description

Lighthouse is a stunning suspended luminaire with an array of clear optical polycarbonate lenses giving a bright starburst pattern. The array of lenses help create this stunning optical effect as the light source is duplicated. Shade only. Some options come with a diffuser. Fits to Ceiling / Pendant Fittings by Innermost.

Innermost is a brand that is focused on the future but understands exactly where it has come from and what it is made of. The founders, Steve Jones & Russell Cameron, still keep the same focus and passion for this as they did when they started out. They still ruggedly adhere to their initial philosophy – to be ‘as British as London itself’ – that is to say very British and then again not British at all but a beautiful and exciting mix of what the entire world can offer.

Material: Optical polycarbonate arrayed lenses

Color: Clear

Dimensions: Small (w/out diffuser) - H 8" x Dia. 12"

Medium (w/out diffuser +$51) - H 12" x Dia. 12"

Large (w/out diffuser +$166) - H 12" x Dia. 18"

Large (with diffuser +$226) - H 12" x Dia. 18"

Large Flat (with diffuser +$551) - H 12" x Dia. 23.5"

Extra Large(w/out diffuser +$396)-H 15.5"xDia.23.5"

Extra Large (with diffuser +$596)-H 15.5"xDia.23.5"

Product No: IM0080, IM0081, IM0081DIF, IM0082, IM0083DIF, IM0084, IM0084DIF, IM0011

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