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  • Canapa Handmade Neoprene Basket/Bowl by Neo’

Canapa Crocheted Rubber/Neoprene Basket/Bowl by Neo’




Product Description

Neo’ collections are unique and exclusively made from neoprene yarn – a material normaly used for wet suits in diving and water sports or in the car industry.

Neoprene as a synthetic material is very resistant but at the same time sensual and soft. The Italian brand Neo’ combines traditional techniques like knitting, crocheting and the loom in order to transform neoprene threads into colourful, fine home decorations.

Material: Neoprene and natural hemp

Dimensions: Small - Dia. 8.6" x H. 3.5"

Medium(+$60) - Dia. 12" x H. 5"

Large ($140) -  Dia. 15" x H. 7"

Brand: Neo’

Made in Italy




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