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  • Beer Foamer Carafe by Menu
  • Beer Foamer Carafe by Menu
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  • Beer Foamer Carafe by Menu
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  • Beer Foamer Carafe by Menu
  • Beer Foamer Carafe by Menu

Beer Foamer by Menu




Product Description

The Beer Foamer gets you as close to the Pub experience as you can without leaving your home. Denser beer foam will significantly increase the taste, aroma and feeling of the beer - just like beer fresh from the tap.

Beer enthusiasts normally recommend pouring with a bit of a splash to create a head. This will create foam, but with large bubbles and low density. This sadly destroys the bubbles in the beer and leaves you with boring, flat beer and inferior foam. Not what you want at all. In frustration over this we invented a tool to separate the foaming process from the pouring process. And we achieved what we hoped for: Crisp, bubbly beer and soft, dense foam - just like draft.

The foam is created in the clear shatterproof container. The copper top holds the foaming device itself and has its visual inspiration from the large copper boilers you see in old beer breweries.

The beautiful and stylish bottle-shaped Cool Breather is designed to integrate the actual aeration of the white wine as part of the sensation of enjoying refreshed and well-tasting white wine. Place the wine bottle on the table and attach the carafe to the bottleneck. Turn the bottle and carafe over to experience the bubbling sound of the white wine aerating through the neck and down the carafe. The integrated aeration is one of the most effective designs on the market today, handily beating other aerators in a Eurofins aeration test.

Brand: Menu

Designer: Norm Architects

Material: Copper-plated Plastic, Battery Driven Motor, Stainless Steel

Dimensions: Dia. 3" x H. 6.9"

Product No: 4690239



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